Curriculum Vitae


september 2009 - present :: University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

GRADUATE STUDENT INSTRUCTOR [ for ARCH 413 - Architecture History;
ARCH 572 - Theory Of Architecture]

RESEARCH ASSISTANT [ image procurement and editing for book ]

summer 2012 - present :: Institute for Field Research (Los Angeles, CA)

GRADUATE STUDENT INSTRUCTOR [ for Undocumented Migration Archaeological Fieldschool - Sonoran Desert, Arizona]

june-july 2010 :: SungKyunKwan University at Seoul, South Korea

LECTURER [ for "Creative Mind in Life" and for "Urban Design + Renewal"]

august 2007 - december 2008 :: University of CO at Boulder

LECTURER [ for ENVD1004 - Design Studio]

august 2005 - 2007 :: University of CO at Denver

TEACHING AND RESEARCH ASSISTANT [ for ARCH 6290 - Architecture of Empire; ARCH 5240 - Human Factors in Design; ENVD 2001 - Social Factors in Environmental Design; ARCH 6290 - Film, Literature, and Architectural Imagining ]

june 2004 - march 2005 :: Sculpturesite Gallery in San Francisco

° acquisition and installation of local and international private and public sculpture
° curation
° graphic design - web site design, development, and maintenance

august 2000 - may 2004 :: University of CO at Boulder

RESEARCH ASSISTANT (08/2002-01/2003)
° aiding the editing, research, and formatting of Dr. Ernesto Acevedo-Munoz's book Bunuel and Mexico: The Crisis of National Cinema (see page xi for acknowledgement)

TEACHING ASSISTANT (05/2002-05/2004) [ for courses: ENVD 3001 Environment and Behavior - FILM 3051 Film History - ENVD 2001 Social Factors in Environmental Design - ARCH 6290 Film, Literature, and Architectural Imagining]

PROJECTIONIST (08/2001-08/2002)

OFFICE ASSISTANT (02/2001 - 08/2003)

WEBSITE DEVELOPER (08/2000-08/2004)

LAB MONITOR (08/2002 - 01/2003)
° tutoring students in digital post-production ( Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, ProTools, and After Effects)


conference papers + presentations

"Unmaking Borders Into Boundaries: Authentic Placemaking in the 21st Century". Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) 43: Emergent Placemaking, Seattle, Washington. June, 2012.

"Clandestine Architecture in the Sonoran Borderlands: Housing the Invisible Body in a Landscape of Surveillance." Society for American Archaeology (SAA) 78: Honolulu, HI. April 2013.


2000-2004               University of Colorado at Boulder

         BFA Film // BA Design Studies - Architecture

2005-2008               University of Colorado at Denver

         Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities

         Thesis: "Un/Taming: Feminine Wilderness and
         its [Lack of] Place in the Built Environment"

2009-present            University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

          Ph.D. in Architecture - Design Studies
          [in progress]


Rackham Spring/Summer Faculty Grant: spring/summer 2012
Rackham Student Research Grant: summer 2012
Rackham Conference Travel Grant: May 2012; April 2013
Goldfarb Award : best student film [Fall 2001]
With Honors : graduated top of Design Studies class of 2004


2011-2012            University Health Service at U of M

2011-2012            Ann Arbor Film Festival

1995-1999            Colorado Department of Wildlife

            FIELD RESEARCHER: water toxicity levels of watershed creeks and rivers;
            big horn sheep migration patterns in Colorado Springs


Visual Arts ::
Hooked On Colfax, Denver, CO. March - May, 2007.
Andenken Gallery, Denver, CO. February - March, 2007.
BAC, Colorado Springs, CO. March - April, 2000.

Clothing ::
Louis Vuitton Night, Denver, CO. December 2007.
Hooked On Colfax, Denver, CO. March - May, 2007.
Andenken Gallery, Denver, CO. November 3, 2006.
The Fabric Lab, Denver, CO. 2006 - present.
Stay Gallery, Denver, CO. September 22, 2006.