Manifolding houses a collection of interdisciplinary work by a lass who has an infatuation with marginality in the built environment. Her work spans the realms of architecture, visual design, film, clothing, and photography.


Aniela Borzecka 1928-2009
Benjamin Floyd-Clapman 1981-2009

arithemetic in kentucky07.12.2009 :: I've fallen in love with rock climbing and cooking. My addiction to bicycles has also worsened. Needless to say this site has been a little dormant. I'm off for doctoral studies. Hopefully there will be new projects soon.

louis vuitton night07.28.2008 :: A new addition to the Proximity series has finally made its way into existence. You can see both photographs by clicking "visual arts" and viewing the "Proximity Series."

louis vuitton night12.10.2007 :: Manifolding has been commissioned to do a series of book covers for Edinburgh University Press. The Plateaus series is a bout of break-through philosophical texts dealing with Deleuze.

louis vuitton nightA new clothing piece has been designed and made for the emcee of Louis Vuitton Night. The event is on Dec. 06, 2007 at The Mercury Cafe starting at 9:30pm.

hooked on colfax

New skirts will be shown at The Fabric Lab. Runway is Nov. 02, 2007. Click image at left for more information.

hooked on colfax
Various new mixed media works alongside some of the urban manifesta collection pieces will be shown at Hooked On Colfax [3215 E. Colfax]. Opening is March 10th, 2007 from 7-10pm.

yummiesProximity B, a new mixed media piece, will be shown at Andenken Gallery from February 23rd until the last week of March. Show Opens Friday February 23rd, 2007 from 7-10pm.

A few pieces from the Fall 2006 Clothing Collection will be shown at Andenken Gallery on Friday, Nov. 3rd, 2006.

View the Fall 2006 collection at The Fabric Lab in Denver on October 14th, 2006.

The manifolding Fall 2006 collection will hit the runway at Stay Gallery for the Denver Fall Fashion Preview. September 22nd, 2006.